Del Cerro

Del Cerro (Spanish for “of the hill”) is a wealthy residential neighborhood of approximately 2,300 residents in the eastern part of San Diego, California. Del Cerro borders the communities of San Carlos, Allied Gardens, College Area, Grantville, and the city of La Mesa, and is adjacent to Lake Murray and San Diego State University. For planning purposes the city includes it in the Navajo community planning area.  The Del Cerro area was developed as a residential suburb during the 1960s and 1970s.  The San Diego State University Master Plan has proposed to build a housing project for faculty and staff on university-owned undeveloped open space in Del Cerro (at the site of Adobe Falls, a city historic landmark). The plan to expand the university’s facilities into Del Cerro was initially proposed in 2005 but was blocked by a judge’s ruling. The plan’s Environmental Impact Report had been contested since 2005 through litigation brought by the Del Cerro Action Council, the City of San Diego, and others. On February 11, 2010 a judge issued a decision in favor of SDSU, but the city appealed the denial of its writ. The case remains under review at the Court of Appeal